Brief updates to the future

By Robert Hickson 18/09/2014

A few quick updates to previous posts.

Following on from Unthinking Machines – Noah Goodman makes a very good point about reconfiguring the Turing Test – break it up into a set of more meaningful tests that actually are linked to thinking, rather than attempting to fool a panel of judges.

AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs – Technology Review point to robots starting to share the factory floor with humans. Rather than robot overlords, they may be more collegial, and result in greater productivity and efficiency in manufacturing. The article notes the work of the Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. One student there recently showed that, for a very simple collaborative task, humans preferred the robot to be the boss because that was more efficient.

I’d not extrapolate this out to a general theory, but it does point to some interesting future human – machine interactions.

The automotive sector is a good place to keep an eye on for glimpses of how robotics, “artificial intelligence”, automation (semi-automation coming to a US dealership soon, maybe), battery technologies may develop. Not to mention aspects of future urban design, and quicker ways for developing new transportation projects.