Big data do do

By Robert Hickson 20/11/2014

“Smart” toilets aren’t new. But there are smart toilets and smarter toilets.

Several Japanese companies are selling models that will lift the lid, have anti-bacterial nanoparticles, give you a wash and do the flushing for you. But that’s more politeness than smartness.

Another Japanese company, Toto, sells models that can do a simple urine analysis, as well as monitor blood pressure, and communicate with your doctor. A real iPood.

MIT’s Senseable City Lab is also working on a diagnostic toilet, as well as developing a smart sewage system to collect data on health and behaviour.

Now a group of satirists have made a high-end “commercial” that pokes fun at tech start-up hype and their pitches. It introduces the “Smart pipe”, which can alert your downstream followers, who can then “like”, or not, your faecal analytics. The video is very clever, and frighteningly believable.

It’s also a good way of stimulating thinking about where some technologies could take us, if we let them.

Probably not suitable for viewing at work, or for younger viewers.