By Robert Hickson 09/10/2015

Matan Stauber has created an interesting interactive historical website, spanning 14 billion years, called Histography.

It’s based on Wikipedia, so is idiosyncratic in what it covers. But it is fun to explore.

Screenshot from Histography's interactive site - http://histography.io/
Screenshot from Histography’s interactive site – http://histography.io/

A few years ago I noted the fictional timeline of the future created by Giorgia Lupi. And, more recently, the future of the universe by the Quarks to Quasars team.  It would be neat to make them similarly interactive.

Better still, from a futurist’s perspective it would be a useful resource to compile a collection of the predictions, forecasts and scenarios derived from futures work into a similar tool. Then it would be easier to explore the mass of futures work already out there. Sadly, I don’t have the time, or skills, to do that at the moment. But it could be an interesting project for a design student.