By Robert Hickson 24/12/2015

Tis the season of prediction. However, the Wonkblog “re-discovers” a whimsy from 1893 predicting the future of fashion. The original article, written by W. Cade-Gall, has popped up previously.

The revealed truth from a dreaming gentleman in Cade-Gall’s piece is that during the 20th Century the “immutable laws” of fashion were discovered, and fashion became a science in 1940. And lo, the Grenoble School of Management now offers a Master of Science in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management.

Here are some of the predicted fashion items. Probably not so far off for a brief time in some circles in the sixties, and in academia today.




The 1920s:



The 1940s:



The 1960s:



The 80s & 90s:



As I’ve noted previously, predicting cultural trends is less common, so this is an interesting comical example.

[Update: Just occurred to me that Cade-Gall just about nailed Split Enz:

splitenz ]


In the 1930’s another tongue-in-cheek prediction of fashion appeared in the cinemas.


Io9 has done a quick review of other 20th Century predictions and how they changed as the century progressed. And how near or far the CIA’s predictions from 2000 got is also in the news.

Though we chuckle over these examples, it doesn’t stop our continuing predilection for prediction. Although fashion prediction, beyond the next season, is now becoming more about the technologies in the clothes.

And, of course, my most brilliant idea of this year was predicting the creation of the World of Wearable Tech.