By Robert Hickson 14/04/2016

This nice short video from Superflux looks at how some people may actually respond to smart technologies around the home, particularly if it wasn’t their choice.

What are the messy, whimsical, unintended human behaviours that might collide with the one-size-fits-all ‘care’ that many smart devices are designed to deliver?

It is also a commentary on how people may substitute gadgets for real contact, even if they mean well.


[vimeo 128873380 w=500 h=281]


Neither the video nor the associated work identify how to avoid such problems. It’s intended to stimulate thinking about what happens when technologies find their way past the early adopters.

It also illustrates how, as I noted several years ago, good thinking and design can be a powerful way of illustrating possible futures, without producing lengthy reports.


Header image source: Wikimedia. Terry Whaleboneoriginally posted to Flickr CC BY 2.0