Jesse Dykstra

From the Frying Pan into the Flood: Pakistan’s Worst Natural Disaster Unfolds (Pt I) - Shaken Not Stirred

Sep 02, 2010

Source: “Amid Drought, Pakistan Prays for Rain”. That was the title of a National Geographic Daily News story published on 1 July, 2010. Since then, Pakistan’s scorching drought has indeed been remedied. Heavy monsoon rains over the past month have instigated widespread flooding, leading to the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history. As flood waters finally show signs of receding, the exceptional toll of the disaster is becoming clear: over 17 million people displaced (approximately 10% of Pakistan’s population) 1600 lives lost 4.6 million people left homeless Up to one fifth of the country inundated Initial relief efforts will cost ~$460m US dollars Recovery costs will be in the billions (US dollars) Devastation of millions of hectares of fertile crop land and grazing land will have long term effects on Pakistan’s ability to … Read More