Shaun Hendy

Professor Shaun Hendy is Director of Te Punaha Matatini, the Centre of Research Excellence based at the University of Auckland. His PhD was in astrophysics and cosmology (he watches The Big Bang Theory for the equations), but these days he apply physics, mathematics and computer simulation to solve problems in materials science and nanotechnology. Recently he has also been applying a few ideas from complex systems theory to look at how innovation works in New Zealand and overseas. He'll use this blog to report some of the results, and to discuss other topics that are of importance to New Zealand science. Shaun is on Twitter @hendysh

A measure of science - A Measure of Science

Sep 26, 2009

As a theoretical physicist and applied mathematician, I’m interested in using numbers to describe all sorts of phenomena. And as a researcher in the MacDiarmid Institute, I’m also interested in innovation. So for me, it’s natural to try to study innovation quantitatively. One of the goals of this blog will be to look at science innovation using tools developed to study complex systems, drawing on quantitative data sources and statistics. What is already out there? In a New Zealand context, MoRST publishes an RS&T scorecard and also commissions a national bibliometric report from time to time – there is one due out this year. The Ministry of Education also recently published a bibliometric analysis of the Universities in order to assess the impact of the performance based research fund. Similarly, the Marsden fund … Read More