Annika Bess

Who spread fake news during the 2016 US election, and whose responsibility is it to stop them? - News

Feb 01, 2019

“Fake news.” Trump drawled during the led up to the 2016 election. You’re probably tired of hearing the phrase, yet he was right; fake news is a concerning issue, but who is its audience? The 2016 US presidential election was fraught with cries of ‘fake news’. As the term was used from almost all political leanings, the question remains: who was consuming the most fake news? A study published in Science aimed to find out by looking at how many fake stories were seen and shared on Twitter, who interacted with the stories, and how these individuals interact with other media sources. The study used over 16,000 of Twitter accounts linked to public voter registration records. Voter surveys and web browsing data showed that 27 per cent of people browsed sources that had fake news in the week leading … Read More

Returning to a sunken ship - News

Jan 09, 2019

In 1916, Frank Worsley navigated a lifeboat for 16 days through rough Antarctic waters with the almost impossible task of reaching help over 1000km away, then turned around, this time with a rescue team, to return to his fellow sailors who were still stranded. Frank Worsley. Supplied/Canterbury Museum 1981.110.91. Akaroa-born Worsley was the Captain of the Endurance during Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The ship was crushed by a mass of ice floating in the sea in October 1915, leaving the men stranded and forced to camp on the ice until April 1916. Worsley first led the 28-strong expedition on a 6-day passage to Elephant Island, but as winter approached they realised the remote spot didn’t give them much hope of being spotted. Instead, Worsley and six other men, including Shackleton, took to the Antarctic seas in … Read More