Bill Kaye-Blake

Another entry in the inequality discussion - The Dismal Science

Feb 06, 2014

Pattrick Smellie’s column yesterday highlighted that Brian Easton has a new publication on inequality. Easton’s work is based in part on the thorough MSD report by Bryan Perry, which was highlighted in comments early this week (h/t Mary). Apparently, Easton is less complimentary about the Rashbrooke book, which I’ve covered before (here, here, and here). That […]

It’s entry AND exit - The Dismal Science

Dec 06, 2013

Oh, fer the love of Mike. Thousands lose jobs under the new-ish 90-day trial rule. Sure, and yes. That was always going to happen. As the Minister points out, however, thousands more were hired under the trial period rule, and around a third of those hires depended on the trial period. So, let’s do the math from […]

Hierarchy of funding sources - The Dismal Science

Nov 25, 2013

I spent most of Friday talking about funding — where to get it, how to get it. As always, we researchers are trying to keep going. More accurately, we are trying to keep the research programmes alive. We already have the framework for understanding this situation: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here it is, re-purposed to […]