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The dreaded spreadsheet error - The Dismal Science

Apr 22, 2013

I posted flippantly last week about the Reinhart and Rogoff (R&R) re-assessment by Herndon, Ash, and Pollin. There’s been more bytes spilled since then. The Economist says it’s not such a big deal, because  ’Ms Reinhart and Mr Rogoff acknowledge in their academic work that this conundrum “has not been fully resolved”, but have sometimes been less careful […]

Mass-produced education - The Dismal Science

Apr 13, 2013

MOOCs — Massive open online courses — are the latest Next Big Thing in education. Technology has made it cheap to reproduce and transmit information. The hope is that it can spread education far and wide. The discussion of MOOCs reminds me of other technology discussions. Back in the early days of Web commercialisation, there [...]

Figuring your charge-out rate - The Dismal Science

Apr 09, 2013

What should you charge? That’s a hard question, and it comes up all the time. Every project is different, every consultant has strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been thinking about the question because it’s time for my year-end accounting. Looking back over the year, I’m seeing where I’ve made money and lost money on projects. It [...]

Kiwisaver account fees - The Dismal Science

Apr 04, 2013

I complained a while back that the information from my Kiwisaver provider was opaque. The results — whether the annual report or my personal statement — didn’t actually tell me the critical number: what was my return? If I want to compare Kiwisaver with, say, a five-year bond ladder, I need to know what the [...]

On not giving it away - The Dismal Science

Apr 02, 2013

Dear Mr _____ : Thank you for your kind invitation to speak at your upcoming event. As you are aware, I have been doing some work on that topic and have some insights to share. As I am sure you also know, I recently approached your organisation with an application for funded work. That application [...]