Alison Campbell

Senior University of Waikato biological sciences lecturer Dr Alison Campbell is well known in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for promoting science to community groups and school students. She has been nicknamed the skull lady by secondary school students after her presentations on human evolution. Dr Campbell established Cafe Scientifique in Hamilton as part of an effort to encourage the community to discuss scientific issues. She has also launched BioBlog website to support secondary school biology students and teachers preparing for exams. That blog is syndicated right here on Sciblogs. Alison is on Twitter @AcampbelTeacher

the science of lolcats - BioBlog

Jan 12, 2010

By now, my readers, you have probably cottoned on to the fact that I enjoy lolcats :-) But it's OK - because they're scientific! (For some reason the cats appear to be more into physics than biology...)I actually quite like...

cauliflory (but not with cheese) - BioBlog

Jan 10, 2010

Plants have a fascinating array of adaptations that function to maximise the odds of successful reproduction. Flamboyantly shaped & coloured flowers spring to mind, not to mention nectar rewards & attractive scents (which are not necessarily pleasant to the human...

trees on stilts - BioBlog

Jan 04, 2010

And no, I'm not talking about triffids here. More a part of the continuing series on plant root adaptations. I've mentioned mangroves in passing before (to do with their pneumatophores), but the thing that stood out for me about the...

australian red beech - BioBlog

Dec 27, 2009

We saw this lovely tree on the shoreline at Cape Tribulation. The flowers last just a day before their petals fall. I took this particular photo because I liked the way the fallen petals exposed the colourful reproductive structures -...

may your christmas be filled… - BioBlog

Dec 25, 2009

... with good things:wonderful companypleasant surprisesand good foodbut perhaps not too much of that last one - you don't want to end up like Winston:    ...