Alison Campbell

Senior University of Waikato biological sciences lecturer Dr Alison Campbell is well known in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for promoting science to community groups and school students. She has been nicknamed the skull lady by secondary school students after her presentations on human evolution. Dr Campbell established Cafe Scientifique in Hamilton as part of an effort to encourage the community to discuss scientific issues. She has also launched BioBlog website to support secondary school biology students and teachers preparing for exams. That blog is syndicated right here on Sciblogs. Alison is on Twitter @AcampbelTeacher

may your christmas be filled… - BioBlog

Dec 25, 2009

... with good things:wonderful companypleasant surprisesand good foodbut perhaps not too much of that last one - you don't want to end up like Winston:    ...

a whale of a community - BioBlog

Dec 19, 2009

 'Community' is one of those words that has different meanings in science & general use. Every time I set an essay that asks students to talk about biological communities, someone will tell me about ant communities, or monkey communities, or human...

preparing for the future - BioBlog

Dec 17, 2009

Just catching up on my 'official' reading, including the Education Review. The November 13th issue (see? I said I was behind!) included a series of articles to do with the government's draft Tertiary Education Strategy (or TES for short). One in particular...