Bright Ideas Challenge

Invigorating innovation - Bright Ideas Challenge

May 10, 2010

Ever had a bright idea which has so captured you that you cannot sleep for nights on end? Ever had a realization that you have gained an insight into a problem that no-one else in the world has seen? And that maybe your solution can transform the lives of millions of people? Welcome to the world of innovation and welcome to the roller-coaster that is transforming  your idea from a piece of paper to an everyday reality for those millions of people. Innovation is not an easy ride, and if you prefer working 9-5 and shifting paper from pile A to pile B for a guaranteed sum of money, it might not be for you. But if you want to live life on the edge and if you want to experience the highs of first funding, first prototypes, first commercial … Read More

Introducing the Bright Ideas Challenge - Bright Ideas Challenge

Apr 20, 2010

An introduction to the Challenge, and the series, by Grow Wellington CEO Nigel Kirkpatrick Nigel Kirkpatrick All great discoveries began with an idea, a sense of inquiry and the unrelenting desire to push further, create change and not to be happy with the status quo. Right here in Wellington people are pioneering ideas that have the potential to change how we live and do business. People are analysing and testing natural products to determine if they have any bioactivity potential for natural or pharmaceutical therapies, Cloud Computing’ solutions are being developed for the creative digital community in North Asia.  World first are being created in design, technology and science. It is no secret that Wellington is a place of ideas; that it is a place where ambitious people collaborate to make ideas a reality. Read More