Bryan Walker

Bryan Walker is a long-retired English teacher who lives in Hamilton and has contributed many articles and book reviews to Hot Topic over the years. Failing eyesight means that he now unable to contribute as often as in the past, but his moral and ethical perspective on the climate problem is always welcome.

Health professionals call for action - Hot Topic

Oct 18, 2011

The health and security implications of climate change were the subject of an interesting-looking conference hosted by the British Medical Journal in London on Monday.  Both medical and military speakers took part in the programme. The meeting produced a strong and succinct statement which underlined how widespread are the ramifications of climate change, in particular [...]

Not a pretty picture: recent science summarised - Hot Topic

Oct 17, 2011

A valuable review, Climate Science 2009-2010, has just been published by the World Resources Institute. It’s a summary of major peer-reviewed research in climate change science and technology during those two years. Aimed at policymakers, the NGO community, and the media, it offers succinct summaries of the findings of a wide array of scientific papers, [...]

A fighting chance? - Hot Topic

Oct 08, 2011

Bill McKibben has a striking article this week in Yale e360 in which he explains why the protest against the pipeline to carry tar sands oil from Alberta to the US may be the start of “something big and desperate”. The desperate part is easy to understand. Three converging factors contribute to it, political, meteorological [...]

The blind leading… - Hot Topic

Oct 05, 2011

Evidence this week that the New Zealand Energy Strategy, trumpeted by the government as a key to the country’s prosperity, is making good on its promise to advance oil and gas exploration.  The NZ Herald carried a report of a meeting on Monday of high-powered global oil and gas exploration companies hosted by New Zealand [...]

Support for greening the economy - Hot Topic

Sep 26, 2011

It’s been interesting to see some NZ Herald articles bearing on the Green Party’s “100,000 green jobs” policy which I discussed a few days ago. John Armstrong shared my view that the Green’s jobs policy deserved more than the “ritualistic slagging” offered by John Key and Steven Joyce. National might still claim the Greens do [...]

Not good news - Hot Topic

Sep 23, 2011

My reading this morning didn’t incline me to optimism. I don’t actually need reminding, but in case I did two items underlined that we remain very much on course for a 3 to 4 degree global temperature rise by the end of the century.  A new report published by the Joint Research Centre of the [...]

Dismissing Greens’ plan out of hand not justified - Hot Topic

Sep 22, 2011

The immediate government reaction to the Greens’ announcement yesterday of their “100,000 green jobs” policy was to defend the economic status quo. The Prime Minister John Key: “They are talking about putting enormous taxes on New Zealand that would send a lot of businesses bankrupt.” Transport Minister Steven Joyce weighed in: “What they’re proposing is [...]