Anna Sandiford

Dr Anna Sandiford is a forensic science consultant and expert witness. She is also Director of The Forensic Group Ltd, a scientific consultancy based in New Zealand with an extensive national and international networks of experts upon whom to call. She has been been involved with forensic science since 1998 in both the UK and New Zealand and has assisted with cases throughout New Zealand, the UK, Channel Islands and Cayman Islands. Her areas of forensic expertise include alcohol, drugs, drug driving, drug traces, footwear/sockprints, glass and pollen (palynology). She is one of a handful of forensic pollen experts worldwide and is involved with an international team that provides environmental forensic services to police and intelligence agencies, particularly in the UK.

Sleep drink-driving - Forensic Scientist

Jun 22, 2011

Just a link to a case where a doctor has been found guilty of sleep drink-driving. It’s the sort of question that arises from time to time and may be of interest to those in jurisdictions where there is a conclusive presumption regarding any breath/blood alcohol result such as New Zealand (which means that the [...]

Blood all over the place…. - Forensic Scientist

Jun 09, 2011

I have just read Grant’s blog post comment about blood pattern work that has been completed recently regarding the distribution of blood patterns at a scene and how they can (or can’t in many instances) be interpreted. The new work could help with interpretations in cases where it hadn’t been possible previously. The problem with [...]