Anna Sandiford

Dr Anna Sandiford is a forensic science consultant and expert witness. She is also Director of The Forensic Group Ltd, a scientific consultancy based in New Zealand with an extensive national and international networks of experts upon whom to call. She has been been involved with forensic science since 1998 in both the UK and New Zealand and has assisted with cases throughout New Zealand, the UK, Channel Islands and Cayman Islands. Her areas of forensic expertise include alcohol, drugs, drug driving, drug traces, footwear/sockprints, glass and pollen (palynology). She is one of a handful of forensic pollen experts worldwide and is involved with an international team that provides environmental forensic services to police and intelligence agencies, particularly in the UK.

Drugs & children’s hair - Forensic Scientist

Feb 15, 2011

It was very interesting to read the results of ESR’s recent media release: Hair samples reveal P lab kids’ long term exposure to methamphetamine.  I’ve seen many cases involving meth labs and manufacture, using swabs from surfaces to determine whether or not methamphetamine could have been manufactured in a given location.  Using hair analysis results [...]

Guilty until proven innocent - Forensic Scientist

Feb 14, 2011

“A lack of accreditation of expert witnesses means that anyone with a scientific background and sufficient ‘brass neck’ could set themselves up as a forensic science expert and mislead the court“. So warns Lord Justice Leveson, an English Court of Appeal Judge. It has already happened: Gene Morrison. Originally jailed for 5 years various offences [...]

2010 (amusing) crime round-up - Forensic Scientist

Jan 07, 2011

Although crime is generally a negative experience for all concerned, it has to be accepted that where people (and sometimes animals) are involved, amusing things will occasionally also occur.  Including crime.  Following are some examples of interesting and unusual crime stories from 2010: Leicester, England: Cold weather was the enemy of crime when two burglars [...]

Word-leading forensic science agency to close - Forensic Scientist

Dec 18, 2010

One of the world’s leading forensic science agencies, the British Forensic Science Service (FSS), will close the remainder of its laboratories by 2012. To quote a recent article, “The FSS is a government-owned company … that sells its services to customers including police forces in England and Wales. The government has now promised to sell [...]

Pike River photo update: flames all gone - Forensic Scientist

Dec 07, 2010

From the Police News site comes this image (below) of the Pike River mine shaft with no flames, taken this morning: Compare this with these two images from Sunday 5th December. Although there is little realistic chance of recovering the whole bodies of all of the miners, at least now the fire appears to have ceased means that there may be remains that can be recovered and used for identification: … Read More

Christmas and Forensic Science - Forensic Scientist

Dec 03, 2010

Well, the Crown and the courts are winding down for their annual extended break. However, forensic scientists in the independent sector don’t take a holiday! This is the perfect time of year for lawyers to start preparing well in advance for next year’s trials, particularly given the long time that NZ Legal Services is taking [...]

Drug-driving and dribble - Forensic Scientist

Nov 25, 2010

“Why haven’t we got a testing device that can screen breath samples for drugs in the same way we can test for alcohol?”  As an alcohol/drink-driving calculation expert I get asked this question quite a lot.  The assumption is made that because we can test for alcohol in breath then it must be just as [...]