Peter Dearden

Associate Professor Peter Dearden leads Southern Genes. He is the director of Genetics Otago. Peter was trained at Victoria University, PhD at Imperial College, University of London. He then worked in the Wellcome (now Gurdon) institute and the Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge; the Zoology department, University of Western Ontario; and returned to New Zealand and the University of Otago in 2002. Peter is a researcher in the Laboratory for Evolution and Development, and Otago site leader for the National Research Centre for Growth and Development. Peter's research is centered in Evolution and Development, Epigenetics and Developmental plasticity. Peter is on Twitter @peterkdearden

What and why is Genomics Aotearoa? - Genomics Aotearoa

Nov 02, 2018

This is the first posting of a blog provided by members of the newly formed New Zealand research organisation; Genomics Aotearoa (GA). GA is an MBIE platform to improve the use of genomics and bioinformatics in New Zealand, and part of what we do it talking about what might be able to be achieved with these sciences. Why should you care? Genomics is the science of the genome. A genome is ‘the complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism’, according to Wikipedia. As your genetic material has a lot to do with your characteristics, your behaviour, your ancestry and your future, the idea of someone sequencing it may make you nervous. But if that information could help you understand where you come from, what health issues you may or may not have and how … Read More

Lab in a Box is on the road - Genomics Aotearoa

Nov 11, 2015

Peter K Dearden Hi folks, the current radio silence on this blog is due to Lab in a Box, our mobile science lab,taking all our time,. I thought I should update you on what is going on ! Lab in a Box is on the road and we are so very proud of our Big Blue Box.     The opening at Kaikorai Primary School went with a bang and there was lots of “ooooo” and “aaahhhh” as the kids checked out the microscopes, the heart pumps, the Oculus Rift and the 3D printer amongst all the other wonderful science gear that packs tightly into the box. The Otago Museum did us proud with a science magic show that left the kids a little damp and with ringing ears from the exploding 10 gallon drum of … Read More

The value of seeing things. - Genomics Aotearoa

Apr 13, 2015

Peter K. Dearden A month or so ago I got a pain. A nagging, annoying pain in what a doctor referred to as ‘the groinal area’. In a testicle to be precise. Now, as a possessor of a Y chromosome, I did what needed to be done, I ignored it. But it hurt. Now when your testicles hurt you want to know why, so I examined myself- remembering a friend who survived testicular cancer. He told me that his cancer-free outcome was due to finding a lump early. I examined. I found a lump. I freaked out. I went on the internet. I freaked out some more. Then I freaked out. Then I talked to my awesome wife who sent me to a doctor, who couldn’t find it despite extensive searching of the groinal … Read More