Jack Auty

Jack grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand. Jack had an interest in science and public speaking from a very young age. He completed high school and moved to Dunedin, New Zealand, where he completed a Bsc in anatomy with a neuroscience focus at the University of Otago (the southernmost university in the world!). During Jack's degree he took several botany papers and fell in love with the subject, so continued his studies at Otago with a post graduate diploma in botany. At the end of that year he was looking for a Ph.D. topic and he found an interesting combination of botany and neuroscience with a study of the effects of synthetic cannabinoids on inflammation in the ischemic brain. Under the supervision of Dr. John Ashton, he enjoyed the roller-coaster of Ph.D. life and learnt the valuable lesson of applying a skeptical eye even to the most reputable sources. John really shaped him into the scientist he is today. John taught Jack the importance of just thinking (you’d be surprised how much this is overlooked in the average lab). Dr. Jack Auty is now doing post-doctoral research on Alzheimer’s disease and inflammation at the University of Manchester under the inspirational supervision of Dr. David Brough and Dr. Catherine Lawrence.