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Come on Paul, Colin… - Light My Fibre

Dec 05, 2009

Paul who? Colin who? Normally I don’t like talking about individuals, but sometimes I feel the uncontrollable urge to do so! Paul Budde first. He is a very well known and “respected” expert in Telecoms, broadband, FTTH, NBN etc. He’s a Dutch-born Aussie living not too far from Sydney. Paul has just issued a public declaration condemning overtly the Kiwi national fibre optic network project. His argument is that the NZ Government has issued an invitation to tender for the network, but that “half” of the necessary information was missing from the tender document and that no company in their right mind would jump in under such circumstances. I think that we have to give Paul some points for his criticism, BUT I also think that he should display some diplomacy in his declarations. Robust … Read More

IPTV Trials by TelstraClear in New Zealand - Light My Fibre

Nov 30, 2009

This morning TelstraClear announced that it had completed trials of an IPTV system they hope to offer to their broadband subscribers throughout New Zealand. This of course is on the back of the Government’s plans for a National Ultra-fast Fibre Optic network. If the IPTV service is enabled, I just wonder what TelstraClear will offer in the way of programming. Of course the 10 or so Freeview channels. These are “free to air” and you can distribute them in the country and without any special permissions. However SKY TV has built up such an impressive subscriber base, mainly due to the exclusive rights they have for major sporting events and other speciality channels. The distribution rights for these channels cost a pile of money and are heavily protected by contract, copyright, encryption schemes etc. Outside of … Read More

Change and passion with FTTH - Light My Fibre

Nov 23, 2009

I suspect that most of my readers have met me, know my background. I’ve had a wonderful career in electronics: design, prototyping, programming, test, installation… patent applications. At an age when most of my my peers have disconnected, I find myself “born-again” professionally with the advent of FTTH. My work in the transport of Digital Radio and TV over fibre has given me great satisfaction. I’m having a ball! I recently switched my membership of the U.S. FTTH Council to the Asia-Pacific group. The latter’s visit to Auckland this past week gave me again great encouragement to develop my skills and experience in this new field within our region. The FTTH Council is a “non-profit” organisation, offering free (and unbiassed) advice to those who solicit their support. Networking and communication is SO important in propagating experiences, knowledge, successes … Read More

FTTH Excitement in Auckland - Light My Fibre

Nov 21, 2009

Following the extremely successful FTTH Asia-Pacific Council annual conference in Melbourne last May, the Council opted to hold their General Meeting here in Auckland last week. Some 40 members from all over the region attended, for some their first visit to New Zealand. After a busy first day’s business, the group was hosted by Vector Communications in a visit to the old Auckland Electricity Board’s building on the city waterfront. Vector has set up in this historic building many demonstrations of renewable energy sources and the potential uses for fibre optics networks to the home (FTTH). The group was honored to have Simon Mackenzie, Vector’s Group Chief CEO welcome them personally. The photo shows Simon discussing fibre micro-ducting with Council President Y.K. Loke from Singapore. Thursday 19th November … Read More

Excellent thoughts on Aussie NBN - Light My Fibre

Nov 06, 2009

Tonight Google threw me this article, written only a few hours ago. I found it very logic and sensible. Who is Tom Worthington? Well as I found out, a pretty savvy and successful technical academic in Canberra. According to his website, he looks like this: I tried to find a contact or email address on his website: nothing! So Tom, if you read this, don’t sue me for not asking authority to reproduce! Only one major criticism, no details on the delivery of TV. Just one vague mention about IPTV. It amazes me that nobody seems to know anything about the “3rd wavelength” for TV Broadcasting. Just pull TV off the data link. It doesn’t need to be there. In any case Foxtel, Austar and Sky TV aren’t at all ready to deliver anything over IPTV. Even … Read More

Meeting the two Steves - Light My Fibre

Nov 05, 2009

Steve who? you say… Well Steven Joyce, New Zealand Minister for Communications and Information Technology, and Stephen Conroy, Australian Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Both were present and co-opened the KANZ Broadband Summit at Sky City yesterday. They seemed to know and appreciate each other, with mutual banter about Rugby, the weather, ’G’day cobber’ etc. But what amazingly opposite origins! I learned from the M.C. that Steve Joyce (National Party) had built the New Zealand Radio Network, sold out to CanWest and retired at age 38. Steve Conroy (Aust. Labour Party) had worked his way into politics via the Union Movement (Transport). This really displays how the left and right of politics have closed the gap, at least in some areas. Both presentations were concise, factual and interesting. There followed … Read More

KANZ 09 (Korea-Australia-New Zealand) Broadband Summit. - Light My Fibre

Nov 03, 2009

Tonight I spent a couple of enjoyable hours at the KANZ Welcome Party (Thanks Kordia). Serious business starts early tomorrow at the SKY Convention Centre. But I met some very interesting people who had paid good money (well most had..) to be there. First encounter was with the very newly appointed Chairman of the SOE ‘Crown Fibre Holdings’, Simon Allen. CFH is somewhat similar to the Australian NBN Co. Simon is a very calm, genuine, down-to-earth chap who has had a great career in both New Zealand and Australia, I would say he will be a very good man at the helm. Then I met several people who quite surprisingly were involved with video production, e-learning via video, interactive video training for sports and commerce etc… Conversation was convivial and constructive. I asked our … Read More

Amazing! Thanks to Benoît Felten for this snippet! - Light My Fibre

Nov 03, 2009

100Mb/s guaranteed bandwidth for US$13/month… from HKBN! Posted: 02 Nov 2009 01:00 AM PST Yesterday HKBN made an announcement that they were lowering the price of their bandwidth guaranteed 100Mb/s symmetric fiber service in Hong-Kong to HK$99, roughly US$13. HKBN already is one of the only providers worldwide to offer 1Gb/s symmetric service, and the only one (to my knowledge) to offer a moneyback guarantee on broadband quality. They currently own a little above 20% of the broadband market in Hong-Kong according to their latest numbers, and they are the fastest growing (and most profitable) broadband provider there. This is no insignificant price decrease since HKBN’s 100/100 offer was previously HK$268! Awesome indeed! Yet more proof that acquisition is more important than ARPU in the FTTH game. It will be interesting to see the impact of this announcement … Read More

Just in from Malaysia – maybe some parallels to draw? - Light My Fibre

Oct 30, 2009

October 29, 2009 22:04 PM Hiring Foreign Firms For HSBB Will Minimise Risks For Local Firms, Says Telecom Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 (Bernama) — Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) decision to sign up foreign principal vendors to spearhead the national High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) project will minimise the business risk to local firms while helping them gain technology transfer, TM group chief executive officer, Datuk Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa said Thursday. This is because, touted as the biggest infrastructure roll-out project by global standards, the HSBB initiative’s liability for failure can exceed the contract value. “It is therefore important that TM directly signs with the principal so that the principal can be directly accountable for this,” he said in a statement here. “Therefore, to ensure that the project runs smoothly with minimum risks and the best procurement quality, it only makes sense … Read More

Fibre to the Home Council meeting in Auckland - Light My Fibre

Oct 28, 2009

It is personally satisfying that for the first time, the FTTH Council (Asia-Pacific) has convened their General Meeting here in Auckland on 18/19 November 2009. Some 50 member/delegates will meet here from all over the region: China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia etc. They are all experts in their specific field of Fibre-optic networks connected to the home. It is planned to invite professionally interested parties to an “open day” session on the 19th. We also expect the attendance and presentation from a senior Government official concerning the New Zealand NBN. Invitations are limited to about 50 attendees. Please contact me if you would like to receive an invitation. Email to: … Read More