John Nixon

New Zealand Broadband Infrastructure Deployment - Light My Fibre

Oct 18, 2009

On Friday I attended here in Auckland the New Zealand Govenment’s latest workshop on this country’s National Broadband Network. I was frankly very positively surprised by the presentations. The NZ program differs substantially from that of Australia. The initial thust is to encourage, possibly help fund, the deployment of dark fibre around, to and between the main population centres of this country. Then a new Kiwi “NBN Co” will partner with some 25 proposed regional fibre companies who will “Light my Fibre”…. I must say I have sincere reservations about this, having observed the extremely variable performance of the similar number of District Health Boards in the country. Anyway, it’s not for me to decide. We had a really excellent presentation from Ian McCullough on progress with a new NZ guideline for home cabling standards (TCF Code of Practice). Then … Read More

Moore’s Law key to fibre’s promise - Light My Fibre

Oct 13, 2009

New Zealand Herald writer Anthony Doesburg is a very professional technical writer here in New Zealand. He called me recently requesting my comments on the real need for higher internet bandwidth – ie via FTTH (fibre to the home). I was caught on the hop – no time to reflect on the subject. But his article is very readable. I didn’t intend the joke about dogs peeing on DSLAM cabinets to be printed, but that’s OK, no problem. I’ve since thought a lot about his question. Internet bandwidth expansion is quite similar to Moore’s Law concerning I.C. chip density, but perhaps even more similar compared to the size and use of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) capacity. I am personally a 2 Terabyte HDD household now. Step back a few years: I personally oversaw back in the … Read More

Australia’s fibre grand plan — an engineer’s view - Light My Fibre

Sep 29, 2009

Re-post from SMC website in April. Having grown up in Sydney and having observed the completion of the massive Snowy Mountains Scheme (Hydro power and irrigation), I am hugely impressed that this Australian National Fibre Network exceeds even the Snowy’s cost in actualised value. It’s Australia’s biggest ever infrastructure project. I’m sure it’s the right thing to do in the cirumstances. There will be plenty of work for the Telstras and others who can bid for the many and multiple tenders that will emerge. But the fibre network will be like the road network, available to all — bikes, cars, trucks, buses, with people making use of the roadway for their personal use, for their business, for planned profit-making with the offering of their products and services. I’m not a ’left-winger’ at all, but these fibre … Read More