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Too Much of a Good Thing - MacDoctor

Jun 19, 2010

Until this morning, I did not know who Peter Snell was. I was, therefore, somewhat surprised to see a large front page spread in the Weekend Herald getting all excited about a 71-year-old man having heart disease. It seemed to me to be somewhat reminiscent of the famous “cat stuck in tree” line. I was [...] Related posts:

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The Hole in Maternity (Updated) - MacDoctor

Jun 06, 2010

Once more the maternity system in New Zealand is under fire in the Dominion post, with a couple of articles involving the death of newborn babies. In the first article, the newborn died from haemorrhagic disease (excessive bleeding) because the parents refused to allow their child to have vitamin K. Too much internet disinformation can [...] Related posts:

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Flu Chaos - MacDoctor

May 22, 2010

The Herald reports that a report by Martin Dawe of the first two weeks of the Swine Flu epidemic is intensely critical of the lack of planning and poor coordination of data resources. This was the MacDoctor’s impression of the entire debacle. I knew of a potentially deadly strain of Mexican flu three days before [...] Related posts:

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System Failure - MacDoctor

May 11, 2010

When a serious error is made in someone’s diagnosis, investigation or treatment, we really like to blame a health practitioner or two. In the Herald today, just such a diagnostic disaster is blamed on the DHB as Ron Paterson asks them to apologise for poor service. This is pretty unfair of Mr. Paterson as it [...] Related posts:

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Bacon With Your Vaccine? - MacDoctor

May 09, 2010

In a move that defies all logic, the FDA advisory panel investigating the contamination of Rotavirus vaccine with pig virus has recommended that vaccine use be continued because “The vaccines offer a clear public health benefit that far outweighs a “theoretical” risk from PCV (Porcine Circo-virus)”. How very reassuring. Not. PCV type 1 was found [...] Related posts:

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No Help At All - MacDoctor

Apr 27, 2010

Some newspaper articles cause me to wonder what is NOT being said. The Herald today runs the headline: Denied help for sexual abuse, dead days later A review of new rules for sexual abuse counseling has come too late to save a South Auckland mother who died four days after her claim for ACC-funded counselling [...] Related posts:

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Bad Jab? (UPDATED) - MacDoctor

Apr 23, 2010

Australia’s chief medical officer, Jim Bishop has announced that children under five years old should not receive the flu vaccine. Apparently at least 60 children under the age of 5 have had high fevers and 23 have had convulsions shortly after receiving the vaccine. I have not heard any advisory from the New Zealand authorities [...] Related posts:

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Booze Scoop - MacDoctor

Apr 22, 2010

David Farrar appears to have scooped the newspapers with a leaked version of The Law Commission proposals on alcohol. The Stuff version is here. David’s summary runs: A massive 50% increase in the excise tax on alcohol. This would result in an extra $500 million of revenue to the Crown at the expense of everyone who drinks. Banning the sale [...] Related posts:

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Vitamin Victims? - MacDoctor

Apr 19, 2010

Here is a good illustration why newspapers desperately need proper science reporters: Major research finds link between multi-vitamin pills and breast cancer Women who regularly take multi-vitamin pills face a much higher risk of breast cancer, a study has found. The Swedish study, which looked at more than 35,000 women aged between 49 and 83 during a 10-year [...] Related posts:

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Candy for Adults - MacDoctor

Apr 17, 2010

Remember those candy cigarettes we could buy as kids (now long ago done to death by the nannies)? I see there has been some fuss in the Herald about the adult equivalent, the so-called e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is an electronic device made to look like a cigarette that nebulises a dose of nicotine from a [...] Related posts:

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