Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan is an economist with the forecasting team at Wellington-based Infometrics. He enjoys writing on a broad range of economic issues; however his focus is on the household sector including the labour market and consumer spending. Within Infometrics, he is responsible for forecasting the outlook for consumer spending and the labour market, and giving clients an idea of the risks around these forecasts – and what they mean for their bottom line.

Can physicists please look at a basic textbook before releasing these things - The Dismal Science

Jun 03, 2014

FFS, this is probably the worst example of a physicist treating economists like idiots, and saying something both meaningless and already known, that I’ve seen for a while (via Marginal Revolution). The basic inequality that plagues economies the world over may have a simple explanation—at least, according to physicists who’ve turned to economics. Simple explanation […]

National’s not alternative budget: Budget 2014 - The Dismal Science

May 16, 2014

There is excellent commentary on the Budget here (Kiwiblog, Economics NZ) and really cool visualisations by Keith Ng here (his post here).  I suggest looking at those, it is much better than anything I can offer here. However, I can’t help talking.  And looking through the budget documents I felt that something has been confirmed for […]

Budget day warmup - The Dismal Science

May 15, 2014

I realise people are probably pretty excited about the Budget later today – as that is something some people tend to get excited about.  I remember my family used to buy copies of the Budget documents, and go on and on about them – although I’m fairly sure I never saw them actually read them […]

Labour’s alternative budget - The Dismal Science

May 14, 2014

I suppose that this was Labour’s alternative budget.  They’ve taken the policy documents they’ve put together recently and stuck them together in a blog post.  Fair enough, it is a good idea to put together policy documents so why not – I really like the idea of detailed policy documents by the opposition as well, […]

ACT’s alternative budget - The Dismal Science

May 14, 2014

As of now I’ve only seen one alternative budget come out prior to Thursday’s Budget – the ACT party’s one (Stuff,NBR).  Good on them for releasing an alternative budget, I like to see that sort of thing. However, I have to admit I was a little more than ‘very disappointed’ with the quality of the […]