Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan is an economist with the forecasting team at Wellington-based Infometrics. He enjoys writing on a broad range of economic issues; however his focus is on the household sector including the labour market and consumer spending. Within Infometrics, he is responsible for forecasting the outlook for consumer spending and the labour market, and giving clients an idea of the risks around these forecasts – and what they mean for their bottom line.

Economics, theory, and data - The Dismal Science

Mar 24, 2014

This post was titled “Why data alone is not enough for economic inference”.  I was all prepared to write a post on the fact we need data and theory in order to do economic inference and create knowledge. I had links (*,*,*,*,*).  Then Noah Smith wrote this like really good post on the issue, so […]

On economics: Germs of choice - The Dismal Science

Mar 14, 2014

Recently Alex Coleman stated on twitter that he found economics ridiculous (in his defense, I specifically believe he is talking about macroeconomics – not the other 95% of economics that is not macroeconomics.  Also, he probably heard an economist on the radio – we always sound a bit ridiculous floating in the media).  That’s cool. […]

IMF on redistribution and growth - The Dismal Science

Mar 05, 2014

Last month I noticed a piece from the IMF “redistribution, inequality, and growth”.  It came out after my post on “Okun’s leaky bucket” and I was pretty happy to see the piece – as it was actual empirical research stating that the policy trade-offs are more complicated than some grand “equality vs efficiency” policy choice. […]

A ‘Top 10′ economics links for romance and matching - The Dismal Science

Feb 19, 2014

On Valentine’s Day I had the opportunity to write a Top 10 at 10 for the always good Rates Blog.  As it was Valentine’s Day I thought linking to some romantic economics might be a good idea. As the sexiest economist competition started that day – I didn’t have the opportunity to point this out. […]

Salvation army “state of the nation” report - The Dismal Science

Feb 18, 2014

Via the Herald I spotted this State of the Nation report by the Salvation Army.  It is nicely put together, taking a whole series of publicly available data and making it fit for public consumption!  Also I appreciate their focus on shining attention on issues that get underplayed in public – let us be honest, […]