Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan is an economist with the forecasting team at Wellington-based Infometrics. He enjoys writing on a broad range of economic issues; however his focus is on the household sector including the labour market and consumer spending. Within Infometrics, he is responsible for forecasting the outlook for consumer spending and the labour market, and giving clients an idea of the risks around these forecasts – and what they mean for their bottom line.

Value and Doctor Who - The Dismal Science

Nov 25, 2013

Today is Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.  Seeing that I wanted to do an “economics of Dr Who” post … but how do I do that?  All the Time Lords are dead, and the other people involved are either human or weird aliens that are in conflict in some way.  There isn’t really much of an […]

In defence of economists - The Dismal Science

Nov 14, 2013

I see that the Listener (ht Agnitio) has picked up on this piece on psychology today (ht Andrew F), which claims that an education in economics inherently changes our behaviour making economists worse citizens. At first brush I would like to note that we have a psychology lecturer suggesting that this implies more people should study […]

The folly of excluding GST when discussing tax - The Dismal Science

Oct 29, 2013

Over on Kiwiblog I saw the title “tax system has got more, not less, progressive“.  I thought that sounded interesting, but after looking at the post, and Bill English’s initial release, I realised that this was actually false.  Danyl from Dim Post was right when he notes: @secondzeit It relies on accepting English's premise that […]

Confusion on income and poverty - The Dismal Science

Sep 27, 2013

I have heard this sort of claim quite a bit from friends in recent months: World's 100 richest people earned enough in 2012 – $240bn – to end world extreme poverty 4x over #inequalityfacts — Max Rashbrooke (@MaxRashbrooke) September 18, 2013 Doesn’t that sound grand – if the richest 100 people in the world gave […]