Michelle Dickinson

Dr Michelle Dickinson has degrees in both science and engineering. She teaches materials engineering at the University of Auckland but also studied biomedical engineering and loves how science in the biological world is being combined with engineering in the artificial materials world to create novel solutions to age old diseases. By day she runs a nanomechanical research laboratory where she pushes, prods and breaks all sorts of materials including gold nanoparticles for antimicrobial treatments, zinc oxide nanowires for solar cells and biological cells for disease research. By night she fills her life with adventure sports (mostly kitesurfing and snowkiting), flying planes, her dog and reading about or building new technologies. Michelle is on Twitter @medickinson

Is my mouthwash really going to increase my risk of death? - Nano Girl

Jan 28, 2014

Well according to an article published in The New Zealand Herald on Jan 26th 2014 “Mouthwash is a Disaster for Health”. The article (and several other International mainstream newspapers and news sites) claim that “using mouthwash is a ‘disaster for health’, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes”. I stared at the harmless looking…