Paul Walker

Dr Paul Walker is an economist at University of Canterbury. He has expertise in microeconomics, institutional economics and industrial Organization. He blogs for The Dismal Science.

Carrots that look like sticks - The Dismal Science

Oct 23, 2012

A well known result in the contracts literature in that if the output of one or more tasks is more straight forward to measure than the output of other tasks then piece-rate incentive schemes will lead to a distortion of effort toward the more easily m...

A new way to understand consumer surplus - The Dismal Science

Oct 10, 2012

At Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer have a new article on A new way to understand consumer surplus, price controls, and rent seeking. Bulow and Klemperer show that consumer surplus in any market equals the area between the demand curve and th...

The family owned farm - The Dismal Science

Oct 07, 2012

Over at Homepaddock Ele Ludemann is discussing the ownership of farms and the profitability of farms: These are usually larger family owned businesses. They have economies of scale that smaller ones lack and don’t have problems of governance and ma...