Rachel Thomas

GMOs, a nod to Nigel the gannet, and illustrated abstracts – our favourite journalism from September - News

Oct 01, 2018

There’s a lot of media out there, and we know it can be hard to keep track of the things you want to read, watch and listen to. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite science-related stories from last month to help you out. If you’ve seen something great that’s not here, let us know in the comments. Tawaki, marathon penguins Giselle Clarkson, Tawaki Project Giselle has drawn a beautiful cartoon outlining the findings of a research paper by the Tawaki project on marathon penguins. It’s a great example of a novel way to communicate science and makes even a DOI look pretty. Is it time to change our mind on GMOs? Farah Hancock, Newsroom Farah Hancock talks to experts and a former activist turned supporter on GMOs on New Zealand’s conservative approach, future food, and … Read More