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Academic kindness - misc.ience

Jan 20, 2014

The academic world can be a harsh mistress, as anyone who’s been anywhere near it knows. Not only can it feel like your colleagues are out to get you, but your bosses, funders, the public, governments and officials and, well, the world. Through all of this,  fledgling (and lovely!) tumblr blog Academic Kindness shines a light of sweetness and hope. Have a look. Take a moment to smile. And, perhaps, think what moment of academic [...]

Classifying plankton: more fun than you might think - misc.ience

Oct 16, 2013

One of my favourite things to do with this blog these days is to catalogue/chronicle awesome citizen science initiatives. And there’s a new one! And it’s lots of fun! In Plankton Portal, you get to help identify plankton from images taken . I’ve just started playing, and so far it’s actually trickier than it looks, but one gets added benefit of learning heaps about plankton which, lets face it, are amazingly cool (my favourite are [...]

Happy World Octopus Day! - misc.ience

Oct 09, 2013

Today is, apparently, the tenth annual World Octopus Day. So, I figured you’d all enjoy this fun infographic, courtesy of the National Aquarium. And what better time to go and read this stunning article about these stunning creatures (my favourite form of the plural), and, if you live in Wellington, make a date to go meet the octopodes at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre!  

Where does NZ rank in the Global Innovation Index 2013? - misc.ience

Oct 09, 2013

How innovative would you say New Zealand is, comparatively? Well, we have an answer, according to the Global Innovation Index 2013 – produced (since 2007) by economists from Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization. This year, the report looks at 142 countries from Zimbabwe to Switzerland. Together, these countries represent almost 95% of the world’s population, and over 98% of its GDP. From Scientific American: This year’s big-picture findings: R&D spending [...]

Meet the newest members of our family - misc.ience

Sep 19, 2013

Our family just keeps growing and growing. In addition to me and Partner, there’s Beefcake, Monster and (very recently) Hank, the motorbikes. And of course Derek, the car. Leviathan, my bicycle, is on long term loan, but we haven’t forgotten it, heh. And now? I’d like to introduce you to Tim, Hippolyta, Mary-Sue and Pip (short for Pipsqueak, because it’s much littler than the others). They’re the shrimpies which live in the Ecosphere that Partner [...]

My Skeptics Conference 2013 talk and slides – ‘Nerds, nerds everywhere’ - misc.ience

Sep 09, 2013

The weekend just passed saw the annual NZ Skeptics Conference 2013, held in my home town of Wellington. The theme was around science communication, and speakers featured such stars as Pamela Gay and Kylie Sturgess, as well as local speakers such as Martin Manning and fellow Scibloggers Siouxise Wiles and Elf Eldridge. For some unfathomable reason, I was asked to speak too. I was told it was because of experience in and around community stuff [...]

Book review: The Year Without Pants - misc.ience

Sep 02, 2013

If sometimes you wonder whether everything possible hasn’t already been written about startups, business, software startups, software businesses and so on (ad nauseum), you wouldn’t be alone. Certainly, the industry which examines this seems pretty healthily active. Books, lectures, blawgs, Read more ›