Steve Trewick

Steve Trewick is Professor in Evolutionary Ecology at Massey University. He is interested in the way species evolve and interact, the definition and description and significance of biodiversity, and in the classification, taxonomy and systematics of life on earth and its conservation.

Emission Impossible? - Planetary Ecology

Aug 26, 2019

Everyone knows about climate change and it’s a real drag. All of a sudden most of the things we liked doing are considered wrong. Some people even say we have to give up cars but that’s crazy talk isn’t it? With around 70 million new cars produced each year around the world and a total of about  1.4 billion cars, trucks and buses in use it could be that there really is an issue. In New Zealand where we know our small population has a small relative contribution to climate change (don’t we?), motorisation rates are among the highest in the world. Our level of vehicle obsession is similar to the USA with around 82 cars per 100 people, so we make a disproportionate contribution of greenhouse gases as a nation with our personal transport decisions. But … Read More