David Winter

Geek of many colours, kiwi postdoc-ing in the US. Doesn't quite understand how anyone can do science without wanting to tell the world about it. David is on Twitter @TheAtavism

On the radio - The Atavism

Mar 23, 2012

David McMorran from the Department of Chemistry here at Otago hosts a fortnightly radio show, which talks about postgraduate research in the Division of Science. I was the guest last week, so if you want to hear me talk about taxonomy, the challenge th...

A talk - The Atavism

Feb 29, 2012

If Google Analytics is to be believed, then a substantial porportion of the folks that read The Atavism live here in Dunedin. That being the case, I thought I'd let you now that I'm giving a talk on Friday - a summary of all the work that went into my ...