Sir Paul Callaghan - The Cosmic Engine

Mar 26, 2012

Farewell to Paul Callaghan a proud New Zealander and world-class scientist, whose knowledge, style and modesty provided inspiration to many scientists, myself included. Read More

Quantum Physics #2 - The Cosmic Engine

Mar 06, 2012

Quantum physics #2 A beginners guide to quantum physics. This describes reversible information processing and provides an insight into the connection between energy and information loss.

Science in New Zealand - The Cosmic Engine

Feb 02, 2012

Here’s the dream: New Zealand continues its superbly innovate and world beating work in the dairying industry and continues to star in Hollywood thanks to the amazing efforts of Weta Workshop and Peter Jackson. These two outstanding examples show that NZ can take on the world and win. But this is not enough; we need more world class companies, we need knowledge based companies. Forget trying to stitch clothes together in sweat factories or make low grade steel in coal and gas fired mills; we’ll never compete with Asia on that front. We need knowledge based companies powered by science-trained brains. Professor Sir Paul Callaghan in his excellent series shown on Stratos TV last year, interviewed some captains of industry and presented thoughts of his own on what New Zealand needed to do to raise its game. For example, on … Read More