(i’ll say it again) dose really does matter!

By Alison Campbell 09/10/2009

While doing a little bedtime reading I came across a recent post by Orac that deconstructs some anti-vaccination nonsense spouted by a blogger (writing about some upcoming H1N1 flu vaccines) in the US. I don’t want to repeat it all – pop over to Orac’s place for the whole post. But one bit of foolishness made me laugh out loud:

Potassium chloride (30), calcium chloride (31), and sodium chloride (32) are also listed as ingredients for CSL. All three are considered mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells.

In large doses these common chemicals may well be problematic – but they are present in vaccines in concentrations several orders of magnitude lower. Good grief – those of us who love bananas (a good source of potassium chloride), or a sprinkling of table salt (sodium chloride) on our food, or who drink ‘sports’ drinks after a workout at the gym (calcium chloride) would be in serious trouble if that blogger was correct. And so would the very many hospital patients who’ve received saline solution intravenously.

Just as well that blogger is very very wrong, then…

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  • I just love how badly these anitvaxer’s distort the simplest things. Sodium Chloride, that is just laugh out loud funny to think that a significantly dangerous dose of table salt is going to be put in to the vaccines.

    It reminds me of one of the videos Orac linked to about the Green the vaccines rally, where some one was going on about how one of the vaccines had hydrochloric acid as an ingredient. Of course in that case it does not even really matter about dose levels but overall pH which of course was never mentioned.

    • Yes, it’s just daft, isn’t it? I’ve got a post over on my ‘home’ site concerning a letter to our local paper (http://sci.waikato.ac.nz/bioblog/2009/04/lets-clarify-something-here.shtml) talking about the whole dosage thing. The original letter, verging on the hysterical, was all about how Gardasil contains rat poison & other nasties. What really annoyed me was its tone, considering that it was bound to be read by young women who’d just had the vaccine & could, if they were sucked in by said letter, start freaking out about the supposed dreadful consequences of what they’d done.