the music of science

By Alison Campbell 11/10/2009

There are a lot of creative people out there 🙂 A week or so back I showed my first-year class a rap video about DNA. One of them just asked me to put it on Moodle for them, so I went looking…

First up – this one (not what I was looking for, but clever & anyway I like the tune!) 


And then I found this site – not only is there the song my student asked for (‘Let’s talk about genes, & I don’t mean trousers’ – wonderful stuff!) but a whole lot more besides. I can see my family will have to raise its data cap again…

(I keep telling my boss – there really is educational stuff on YouTube!)

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  • And, of course, there’s We Are Scientists, and They Might Be Giants’ much-feted, and recent, kids album devoted to science: Here Comes Science.