helping students engage with maths & physics

By Alison Campbell 17/05/2010

OK, not biology 🙂 But what follows could equally well apply to teaching problem-solving in any of the sciences.

A colleague of mine (thanks, Jonathan!) sent me through the link to a talk by Dan Meyer, on teaching maths & physics. Dan’s talking about how to engage students with the subjects he teaches; how to put them on a level playing field – where they can all understand what a question’s about; how to get them talking about the question in a way that guides them to understanding how to get at the answer in a meaningful way. His aim: for all his students to become ‘patient problem-solvers’. His hope: for textbook authors to develop resources that support this aim instead of obfuscating it. Enjoy.

PS while the lecture’s aimed at high-school teachers, I would argue that university lecturers teaching in maths & physics should also be watching it. After all, they teach the teachers 🙂

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