beery bladders & other oddities

By Alison Campbell 03/09/2010

Beery bladders… yes, OK, if you drink enough beer your bladder will fill up, but that’s not the focus of a delightful post by Scicurious on Neurotic physiology. It’s a tale of how doctors followed their noses to find that several seriously ill patients had yeast infections – and a decidedly beery odour. And no, they hadn’t been drinking contraband after lights-out on the wards.

Lose weight by taking public transport? Sounds almost too good to be true  – but Paul Statt reports that a recent study does seem to show that taking the bus or train is good for you, as well as good for the planet.

And for the ecologists: in ‘War & Fish’ David Malakoff of Conservation Magazine describes the results of a study looking at the impact of World War II on fish stocks in the North Sea. Bombs, mines, torpedos, & the general call-up of fishermen to join the war effort saw an effective cessation of North Sea fishing & a big bounce-back in fish stocks. An argument for marine reseves in that part of the world?