the specialities of mad scientists

By Alison Campbell 26/09/2010

Oh noes! I am doomed!! It seems (fictional) biologists are almost as likely to be mad scientists as those of the nucular persuasion (click on the graphic for a better-quality image, courtesy of Mad Science):


I should hang out with the chemists more often…

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  • Hey, I’m a chemist – yay.
    But then I guess Dr Jekyll was a chemist wasn’t he?

    But many of the scientists portrayed on tv these days seem to have expertise in virtually every field of science.
    I’ve discovered this interesting UK sci fi programme called Paradox on the Sky UK channel on Saturdays. In the last episode the theoretical physicist who works with satellites etc was able to look at a wound to someone’s head and state that they would have bled to death quite quickly, while using various medical terms – sigh. I suspect in weeks to come he will also demonstrate an imitate knowledge of chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology etc – double sigh.

  • Hurray! I’m feeling particularly evil this morning…good thing I’ve got the biology thing mastered.

  • Mwahahahaha! (Swirls cloak & would twirl mustache if of the appropriate gender – me, not the ‘tache!))

  • Perhaps goodness in one field cancels out teh ebil in others? So they don’t show up at all 🙂