technical hiccups

By Alison Campbell 22/12/2010

Well, it’s nice to be back on line! I haven’t had much chance to write anything in the last week, but it would have been nice to have been able to if I’d wanted…

Reasons for not posting: a) the registrar & I have been incredibly busy at work, trying to process student enrolments before the Big Christmas Shutdown (which we both intend to spend hanging out with family, eating, drinking & generally having fun) – no spare time to set finger to keyboard.

and b) we moved house over the weekend – only to the other side of Hamilton but still, a huge amount of work. Once we’d got stuff out of boxes and the place resembling a home rather than the warehouse for an auction company, I innocently plugged in the computer & all its little gizmos & prepared to surf the net, yay! But alas, no broadband. Until today, when the nice men from Chorus came by & put the right wires in the right sockets in the rather spiffy switchboard thingy we’ve acquired.

So life has returned to normal (& the registrar will be happy as I am now going to do some more enrolments from the comfort of my home office -sure beats trekking across Hamilton in the peak of the pre-Christmas frenzy!)

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