why geologists are wrong, wrong, wrong! about the age of the earth

By Alison Campbell 06/05/2011

I came across the following diagram on Peter Bowditch’s wonderful The Millenium Project. Like him, I hope it’s a poe; but nonetheless, I find it has a certain dreadful fascination. Who knew that geologists could get it so wrong?

proving atheists wrong with science.jpg

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  • It must be a poe, surely,

    I have this image in my head of people swelling up and exploding as they take on 2 litres of water a day.

  • I’d suggest that someone email the author and tell him about the water cycle, however, he (?) might think that is something you find at a water park 🙂

  • Almost certainly a Poe. It appeared on the atheism subreddit last week (www.reddit.com/r/atheism), where no one was able to identify any other source, meaning it was almost certainly made just to post there. I like that they think there have been 6 billion people alive for every day of earth’s existence though.

  • Just think 2 litres of water a day without a chance to pee it all back into the cycle!!! It reminds me of those honey ants that turn into permanent tankers. The Mind Boggles.

  • By this logic earth has had the population of 7 million people for 4.6 billion years. So for the past 4 billion years we randomly appeared and had the EXACT amount of children for every death. Image is false