rhys morgan – another one to follow

By Alison Campbell 01/12/2011

Via Orac I found this excellent article by Rhys Morgan, a sceptical blogger who has recently been the focus of some attempts at bullying by someone claiming to be a legal representative of the Burzynski Clinic. Rhys has written an article for the UK newspaper The Guardian that highlights a number of issues related to the clinic’s activities – not least the fact that it charges a considerable amount of money for people to enrol in what are described as ‘clinical trials’, when surely it should be the other way around… (One does wonder why after 30 years they are still at the stage of clinical trials. Normally if something works, you’d expect to see the evidence by now. One also wonders how one treatment – ‘antineoplastons’ – can be claimed to cure so many different human cancers, given the variety of underlying causes.)

Anyway, the point I want to make that Rhys is a very good writer. Another one to follow. I wish that I was able to write that well when I, too, was 17 years old.

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  • I should also note that, from reading various other blogs (here, for example) & documents, it seems that in many cases the Byrzynski Clinic treats patients with a mixture of standard anti-cancer drugs as well as its ‘antineoplastons’. So in these cases, how can they possibly tell which of the treatments caused a result?

  • Alison,

    I think Orac made a similar point in this article at Respectful Insolence – you’re in good company!

    For those that really want to knock themselves out, there is this list of posts about this – over a hundred before he stopped once the Guardian published Rhys’ article. (I have to admit I considered writing a short spiel of my own. Looking at that list I’m glad I didn’t!)

    I’ll second that Rhys’ effort is impressive for his age, too!

  • I think he pushed Rhys harder once he’d discovered that Rhys is still at school. Real bullying tactics, & good for Rhys for standing up to him.

    • Wow, he was on SGU?!! (I do listen but I’ve got a bit behind. No good trying at the moment because if I listen to podcasts when I’m tired, I tend to either block it out or fall asleep, lol. No reflection on the quality of the speakers, btw!)

  • Allison, from the interview with the SGU Rhys confirmed that Stephens did indeed push harder after finding out his age.

  • OT, the interviews are about the only reason I listen to SGU any more.

    Look forward to the one with Rhys, like Alison – a bit behind (average about 4 weeks)