time travellers i have met**

By Alison Campbell 04/01/2012

Via one of Orac’s commenters I happened on a webpage of this name. The page’s author is a hypnotherapist who describes his work as involving taking patients into their past lives (‘regressions’) and future lives (‘progressions’). Hence, I suppose, the ‘time travel’.

And these supposed time travellers seem to be very advanced:

Time travel will be discovered in approximately the year 3050 by a man named Taatos. He is the Hermes of ancient Egypt and the very first chrononaut (time traveler). Prior to his actually traveling back in time, holographic images were sent into the past. This is why the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. described “visions” by their oracles, soothsayers and psychics.

OK, let’s go with that & reject the simpler explanation that the ancient soothsayers, oracles etc were either ‘on’ something, hallucinating, delusional, or making stuff up to keep the punters happy. (As noted here, the oracles were wrong a lot of the time, hardly something you’d expect if they were getting holographic hints from the future.) Let’s move on to what these ‘time travellers’ are doing, whizzing around through space and time. (Is there a TARDIS after all?)

We can summarize the characteristics of time travelers as follows:

  • They have mastered hyperspace travel between dimension, and can move through walls and solid objects.
  • By existing in the fifth dimension, they can observe us and remain invisible.
  • Genetic manipulation of our chromosomes is a routine procedure for them. They have greatly speeded up our rate of evolution.
  • The origin of these chrononauts is Earth from 1,000 to 3,000 years in the future.
  • Their main purpose is to accelerate our spiritual growth.

It does seem rather convenient that we can’t see them. Given that the individual whose image appears on the webpage looks no different from any present-day human of Northern European extraction, they’d hardly cause conniptions if they were visible. So why the need to hide? Apparently people can only see these visitors if they

slow down their frequency vibrational rate (FVR) and enter our three-dimensional world. It is only then our physical eyes will be able to see them.

Hmmm. This smacks of various claims about ‘vibrational energy’ that I’ve seen dealt with elsewhere.

And why all this fiddling with our chromosomes?

Their ultimate purpose is to facilitate the perfection of the human soul to allow for ascension and the end of the karmic cycle. There are also future problems – wars, pollution, infertility – in this and parallel universes that they are trying to avert by assisting us now in our spiritual progress.

I suppose it could be argued that wars & pollution could be sheeted home to a lack of spiritual maturity (although that probably depends on how you define it). But infertility has a number of known, physical causes & you’d hope our enlightened visitors might help deal with those. Plus it strikes me as rather unfeeling to imply that infertile couples could perhaps conceive if only they were more ‘spiritual’.

And – lack of cited evidence for a significant uptick in the speed of human evolution (over an unstated period of time) aside – how exactly can manipulating our chromosomes have an impact on spiritual development?

Besides, if these ‘visitors from the future’ know the nature of the key problems facing us – and they’re problems now, regardless of what might happen in the future – why on earth are they going about helping us to fix things in such a roundabout way? It’s a bit like messages from the ‘other side’ – all the deceased ever seem to pass on are very general & innocuous messages, when it would be a darn sight more useful to know where Uncle B. hid his will, or where great-great-grandpa stashed that pirate treasure. (Yes, I’ve just seen the Tintin movie. Tintin rocks!)

**Disclaimer: not me personally. The nearest I’ve ever come there is through getting my Dr Who fix. And I know (given that there is absolutely zero reliable evidence to the contrary) that the Dr is a fictional character.

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  • Quantum.

    Quantum definitely needs to be in there somewhere.

    Or one of the differing planes of reality in String Theory – whatever works on the day.

  • It occurred to me this morning that this is really just Spirit Channeling updated for the sci-fi age. Rather than 35,000 year old warrior spirits we have “time travellers”.

    I was listening to the podcast “For Good Reason” the other day and this kind of thing came up. Story was that a medium was on the radio channelling a 6th century spirit. An airline pilot called in asking for career advice…. Even if this stuff was real what is a resident of the 6th century going to know about this particular topic?

    Perhaps the time travellers could tell our confused pilot which airlines will be operating in the 30th century.

  • Darcy – that’s a bit like the Regans seeking advice from a psychic. Or was it an astrologer… either way, not hardly a reliable source of information!


    …. still trying to get my head around why a pilot (why anyone, for that matter) would think that someone from the 6th century could give any sort of useful career advice!?!?

  • No worries there, Alison.

    Given the look of his webpage and the photo he has “cut and pasted”, I don’t think this guy has had an original idea for some time 🙂

  • Have you read the other pages of his website? There is one where he refuses to confirm or deny rumors on the Internet that he himself is a time traveller.

  • hi Michael – yes, I did wade through quite a lot of that site. Don’t know how many neurons I lost in the process. The bit about not confirming/denying really cracked me up, although at the same time it’s a bit sad if he genuinely believes it. If he doesn’t then I would make some less charitable comments.

  • Alison, I would expect the advice to be something along the lines of: “Stop cavorting with daemons of the air and repent of your evil ways”