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Dacia Herbulock

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Daniel Walker

Writes for: A History of NZ Science in 25 Objects , A Measure of Science , Ariadne , BioBlog , Bright Ideas Challenge , Building blogs of Science , Chicken or Egg , Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings , Climate: Explained , Code for life , COVID-19 , Crikey Creek , Curious and Curiouser , Degrees of Change , Digging the Dirt , Diplomatic Immunity , Field Work , Food Stuff , Forensic Scientist , From Past to Present , FutureworkNZ , Genomics Aotearoa , Griffin's Gadgets , Guest Work , Honest Universe , Hot off the press , Hot Topic , Ice Doctor , Infectious Thoughts , Infrequently Asked Questions , Journeys to the ice , Just So Science , Kagaku , Kidney Punch , Kindness in Science , Labrinth , Lately, In Science , Light My Fibre , Lippy Linguist , Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives , MacDoctor , Making Waves , Mātau Taiao , Mere Conjecture , Micro to Macro , Mind Matters , misc.ience , Molecular Matters , Nano Girl , News , NZ Science Talk , NZ Skeptic , Open Parachute , Out of Space , Physics Stop , Pictures of Numbers , Planetary Ecology , Pointing At Science , Politecol , Priority One , Public Health Expert , Relatively Science , Scibooks , Science Life , Seeing Data , Sequencing The Tuatuara Genome , Shaken Not Stirred , Skepticon , Sleep on it , So Shoot Me , Stick , Suffrage 125 , The Atavism , The Changing Climate , The Cosmic Engine , The Dismal Science , The Nature of Things , The Nervy Nomad , The Psychologizer , The Psychology Report , The Sciblogs Podcast , The Science of Architecture , The Scientist NZ , Tuhia ki te rangi , Unsorted , Up and Atom , Vantage Point , Videos , Visibly Shaken , Waiology , Weighty Matters , Wild Science

Darcy Cowan

Writes for: Skepticon

Although Darcy has a keen interest in science,his base level of activity is vigorous procrastination. As such a career in academia was not for him. But he has had the good fortune to work at Hill Laboratories, an environmental testing laboratory, for over 10 years. A few years ago he became interested in advocating science and rationality beyond simply his small circle of friends, this started out as a short column in his workplace news letter. Later came a blog and that has lead him here. I hope that adding my voice to those gathered here will have an impact on how science is consumed in New Zealand and will help add to the number of interested and engaged individuals in our community.

Dave Heatley

Writes for: FutureworkNZ

I am a principal advisor at the Productivity Commission, currently working on the Technological change and future of work inquiry. I joined the Commission at its inception in 2011 and have worked on five inquiries: international freight transport, trans-Tasman economic relations, services sector productivity, social services and tertiary education.

David Winter

Writes for: The Atavism

Geek of many colours, kiwi postdoc-ing in the US. Doesn't quite understand how anyone can do science without wanting to tell the world about it. David is on Twitter @TheAtavism

Donal Curtin

Writes for: The Dismal Science

Donal Curtin is a macroeconomist (former chief economist for a big bank), writer (six years as a financial journalist with Euromoney, award-winning economics columnist, blogger), economic regulator (12 years on the Commerce Commission). He has an economics consultancy based in Auckland and blogs for The Dismal Science. Donal is on Twitter @donal_curtin

Duncan Steel

Writes for: Out of Space

Duncan Steel is a space scientist based in Nelson. He has worked in scientific research for over forty years, with times spent with NASA, ESA, various universities and observatories, and also running his own company. Duncan is the author of four books, over a hundred research papers, and more than a thousand articles for newspapers and magazines. He has also appeared in hundreds of radio and TV programmes. Minor planet/ asteroid (4713) Steel is named for him, as is a lunar-roving robot in one of Arthur C. Clarke's SciFi novels.

Eric Crampton

Writes for: The Dismal Science

Dr Eric Crampton joined the New Zealand Initiative as Head of Research in August, 2014. He served as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Department of Economics & Finance at the University of Canterbury from November 2003 until July 2014. The Dismal Science syndicates some of his blog posts from Offsetting Behaviour. Eric is on Twitter @ericcrampton