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Laura Goodall

Writes for: Mātau Taiao

He kaiwhakamāori pūtaiao a Laura. E ako ana ia Te Reo Māori me tikanga ki TWoA. Laura (tangata Te Tiriti) tells stories about science in a way that tries to make it understandable and relevant to ordinary people. Her background is in science, communications and Indigenous Peoples' perspectives. In 2016 she studied Māori Science at VUW, followed by Indigenous Knowledge and Science in 2022. You can find her on Twitter: @lauragoodall

Louise Thornley

Writes for: A History of NZ Science in 25 Objects , A Measure of Science , Ariadne , BioBlog , Bright Ideas Challenge , Building blogs of Science , Chicken or Egg , Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings , Climate: Explained , Code for life , COVID-19 , Crikey Creek , Curious and Curiouser , Degrees of Change , Digging the Dirt , Diplomatic Immunity , Field Work , Food Stuff , Forensic Scientist , From Past to Present , FutureworkNZ , Genomics Aotearoa , Griffin's Gadgets , Guest Work , Honest Universe , Hot off the press , Hot Topic , Ice Doctor , Infectious Thoughts , Infrequently Asked Questions , Journeys to the ice , Just So Science , Kagaku , Kidney Punch , Kindness in Science , Labrinth , Lately, In Science , Light My Fibre , Lippy Linguist , Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives , MacDoctor , Making Waves , Mātau Taiao , Mere Conjecture , Micro to Macro , Mind Matters , misc.ience , Molecular Matters , Nano Girl , News , NZ Science Talk , NZ Skeptic , Open Parachute , Out of Space , Physics Stop , Pictures of Numbers , Planetary Ecology , Pointing At Science , Politecol , Priority One , Public Health Expert , Relatively Science , Scibooks , Science Life , Seeing Data , Sequencing The Tuatuara Genome , Shaken Not Stirred , Skepticon , Sleep on it , So Shoot Me , Stick , Suffrage 125 , The Atavism , The Changing Climate , The Cosmic Engine , The Dismal Science , The Nature of Things , The Nervy Nomad , The Psychologizer , The Psychology Report , The Sciblogs Podcast , The Science of Architecture , The Scientist NZ , Tuhia ki te rangi , Unsorted , Up and Atom , Vantage Point , Videos , Visibly Shaken , Waiology , Weighty Matters , Wild Science

Lynley Hargreaves

Writes for: Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves is a freelance science communicator with a background in mathematical physics. After a stint overseas at Physics Today magazine, she spent happy years working for the Royal Society Te Apārangi, albeit with intermittent disappearances to the mountains of the West Coast of the South Island. From this now permanent West Coast base, she has been conducting IAQ interviews since the beginning of 2014, asking a wide range of researchers how their work can give us insights into the workings of the world.

Marcus Wilson

Writes for: Physics Stop

Dr Marcus Wilson is a lecturer in the Engineering Department at Waikato University and author of the Physics Stop blog. His current research involves modelling of the electrical behaviour of the human brain during natural sleep, focussing particularly on the transitions between sleep states. Previous research interests include infra-red physics and signature control (stealth) and quantum Monte Carlo methods. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1992 (BA Hons) and completed his PhD at Bristol University in 1995.

Marie Brown

Writes for: The Nature of Things

Marie is the Senior Policy Analyst for the Environmental Defence Society, a long-running Auckland-based NGO, and lead author of Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis. Her research interests include ecology and conservation, compliance and enforcement of environmental law and environmental policy.

Mark Hanna

Writes for: Honest Universe

Mark Hanna is a consumer advocate, intersectional feminist, amateur astronomer, and science lover living in New Zealand. He writes primarily about consumer protection with a focus on the alternative health industry, but also about other topics that he finds interesting or frustrating.

Matt Nolan

Writes for: The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan is an economist with the forecasting team at Wellington-based Infometrics. He enjoys writing on a broad range of economic issues; however his focus is on the household sector including the labour market and consumer spending. Within Infometrics, he is responsible for forecasting the outlook for consumer spending and the labour market, and giving clients an idea of the risks around these forecasts – and what they mean for their bottom line.