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Steve Pointing

Writes for: Pointing At Science

Professor Steve Pointing is Director of the Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand, AUT University. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Great Britain, with undergraduate focus in biochemistry and postgraduate study in microbiology. His doctoral research addressed marine fungal and bacterial colonization of shipwreck timbers from the Tudor warship Mary Rose. After gaining his doctorate he lived and worked in Hong Kong until 2012, conducting research on the microbial ecology of extreme environments. He now calls Auckland home, and his research focuses on environmental issues with regional and global relevance, including New Zealand’s strategic commitment to Antarctica. Steve is on Twitter @stevepointing

Tessa Evans

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Writes for: Guest Work , News

Victoria Metcalf

Writes for: Curious and Curiouser , Ice Doctor

Dr Victoria Metcalf is a marine biologist and former Lecturer in Genetics at Lincoln University. She is currently the National Coordinator of the Participatory Science Platform, Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor. Victoria is mad keen on researching fish and shellfish. She has a PhD in biochemistry and has always been drawn to non-mammalian species because she finds them so incredibly interesting. She has a particular love of cold places and most of her research is on Antarctic marine life although she has studied New Zealand marine species too. Victoria is on Twitter @VicMetcalf_NZ


Daniel Collins

Writes for: Waiology

Dr Daniel Collins is a hydrologist at NIWA. He formed the Waiology blog to bring together commentary on New Zealand's freshwater systems. The blog features commentary from numerous contributors.

Will Hayward

Will Hayward

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Professor Will Hayward was Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland and blogged here at Sciblogs during 2015 and 2016. He is on Twitter @willhayward_nz

William Taylor

William Taylor

Writes for: The Dismal Science

William Taylor is an economist at NERA Economic Consulting. He specialises in competition and regulatory economics, with a particular focus on areas where finance and economics intersect. He has advised regulated and unregulated firms on access pricing, cost of capital and asset valuation issues spanning sectors such as telecommunications, electricity distribution, ports, gas pipelines, postal networks and airports.