Our Bloggers

Robert Hickson

Writes for: Ariadne

Robert Hickson has evolved from an evolutionist, looking backwards, into a futurist. Many of the skill sets are the same; looking for patterns, making sense of them, and trying to fill in the gaps. He's of the view that in New Zealand we don't do enough forward looking. The views expressed in his blog do not necessarily represent the views of his current employer (if any), or Charles Darwin.

Robert McLachlan

Writes for: Planetary Ecology

Robert McLachlan FRSNZ is Distinguished Professor in Applied Mathematics at Massey University and is an advocate for stronger action on climate change.

Ryan Ridden

Writes for: Micro to Macro

Ryan Ridden is a graduate from the University of Canterbury with an Honours Degree in Mathematical Physics. From a young age he was captivated by the universe, which drove a passion to understand how it all works, from the very small to the very large. Ryan is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with others, at present having given over 70 lectures to school classes of all levels and various societies on a wide range of topics. Ryan is also on YouTube Ryan Ridden and twitter @ryanridden.

Sam Richardson

Writes for: The Dismal Science

Dr Sam Richardson has been at Massey University since 1994 when he began as a first year student studying Applied Economics. He was a Graduate Assistant in 1998, an Assistant Lecturer from 1999-2001 and has been a Lecturer since 2002. he has taught several papers, predominantly principles and intermediate microeconomics papers. He been fortunate to receive a number of Massey teaching awards throughout my career. He blogs for The Dismal Science.

Sarah-Jane O'Connor

Writes for: Lately, In Science

Dr Sarah-Jane O'Connor trained in journalism after finishing a PhD in Ecology then worked for The Press for two years. She is a teaching fellow in science communication at Victoria University of Wellington, editor of Sciblogs, and a former senior media advisor with the Science Media Centre.

Sarb Johal

Writes for: The Psychology Report

Sarb Johal is a clinical and health psychologist with too many interests for the time he has available. He has looked at cloning as a solution but is yet to find a worthy collaborator. One of his roles is as Associate Professor in Disaster Mental Health in the School of Psychology, Massey University. Other hats include; host and producer of the Who cares? What’s the point? podcast, and regular contributor as a parenting commentator on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon.


Writes for: Scibooks

SciBooks is where we run book reviews on new science books from New Zealand and around the world. We welcome both books for review from publishers and reviewers interested in contributing to SciBooks.