A Measure of Science

Markets and the scientific method

Shaun Hendy Jul 06, 2011

I went undercover last week at the New Zealand Association of Economists conference to see what they had to say about innovation.  Not so incognito was the Undercover Economist, Tim Harford, Financial Times columnist and author of several highly entertaining popular economics books, who delivered the opening keynote address at the conference.  In this post I will … Read More

Professor Hendy retires

Shaun Hendy Jun 27, 2011

The Allan Wilson Centre ca 2002. Penny and Hendy are second and third from the left in the back row. No, it’s not me … it’s my Dad, Mike Hendy, who retires this week from his Chair in Mathematical Biology at Massey University in Palmerston North. Not surprisingly, people often ask me whether I am related to Mike Hendy.  Hendy … Read More

The New Zealand Innovation Ecosystem Map

Shaun Hendy Apr 14, 2011

Ten days ago we released a map of New Zealand’s largest inventor network using Google Earth to geo-locate the inventors in New Zealand. The map revealed some interesting connections between companies and public sector research organisations that at first sight may have seemed unrelated. It also showed that Kiwi inventors are collaborating across the country, with Auckland well connected … Read More

How to shut down a nuclear reactor

Shaun Hendy Mar 16, 2011

As Japan deals with the after-effects of its strongest earthquake on record and an even more devastating tsunami, the world’s attention is focussed on the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The plant houses a number of nuclear reactors, which, despite being shut down during the earthquake, need to be carefully managed to ensure that the nuclear fuel is kept cool.  This … Read More

Quantum computing

Shaun Hendy Oct 06, 2010

On Thursday evening, I will be talking about quantum computing on Bryan Crump’s radio show (Nights, Radio New Zealand National, 8.42pm, 7 October).  Bryan and I have had several conversations on the workings of contemporary computing technologies, from quantum mechanics to transistors, and then on to how transistors are assembled into integrated circuits.  … Read More