A Measure of Science

CRI bibliometric performance: Part III

Shaun Hendy Feb 19, 2010

Last week, John Key signalled in a speech to Parliament that there would be changes to the way the Crown Research Institutes are funded.  Indeed, the debate over CRI funding has continued pretty much unabated since they were created.  In earlier posts, we looked at the growth in the total bibliometric output of the CRIs and … Read More

Key speech highlights high-tech manufacturing

Shaun Hendy Feb 12, 2010

In his speech to Parliament earlier this week, John Key signalled that supporting high-tech manufacturing would be a priority for his Government.  As my colleague Richard Blaikie, Director of the MacDiarmid Institute, pointed out in his newsletter last week to MacDiarmid Institute researchers, New Zealand is becoming increasingly reliant on high-tech industry for our export receipts: New Zealand’s high-tech … Read More

Kiwi superconductivity industry overcomes resistance

Shaun Hendy Feb 08, 2010

This week, New Zealand hosts the 18th International Superconductivity Industry Summit, where multi-national heavy-weights like Siemans AG will rub shoulders with New Zealand-based companies such as General Cable NZ Ltd and HTS-110.  As the superconductivity industry matures over the next decade, these New Zealand companies have an excellent chance of becoming significant export earners.  How did New … Read More

Who hid the Higgs?

Shaun Hendy Jan 29, 2010

I had a lot of fun being interviewed by Bryan Crump on Radio NZ on Monday evening about why particle physicists have had such trouble finding the Higgs boson.  If you missed it and are interested, you can listen to the audio here. It was a good opportunity to highlight some of the wonderful stuff going on … Read More

CRI bibliometric performance: Part I

Shaun Hendy Jan 26, 2010

In a post last year, I looked at New Zealand’s bibliometric productivity in the university and government research sectors using data from the SCImago bibliometric site.  Over the next few weeks, I will report on some further bibliometric analyses using the Thompson Reuters Web of Science.  While providing substantially the same New Zealand-wide results as SCImago, the … Read More

Giving a great scientific talk

Shaun Hendy Jan 18, 2010

In the Southern hemisphere, conference season is just a week or two away.  Graduate students south of the equator are beginning to get that sinking feeling.  They’ve been dreading it for weeks, and their data only came through the day before.  Yes, it’s the thing a student fears most:  the conference talk. Do I need to stress that your conference … Read More

World Economic Forum: New Zealand is failing to innovate

Shaun Hendy Jan 11, 2010

In its 2009 report on global competitiveness, the World Economic Forum identified lack of innovation as one of the key weaknesses in the New Zealand economy. Drilling down into their report, they rate New Zealand’s strengths in innovation as the quality of our research institutions, our collaboration between universities and industries, and its weaknesses as lack of business … Read More