Crikey Creek

Responses to the CRI Taskforce

Daniel Collins Mar 06, 2010

The big news in NZ science this week was the release of the CRI Taskforce report. (Press release; NZ Herald #1, #2) It did not recommend merging any CRIs as was thought (perhaps feared), but it did make a wide range of other suggestions. Paramount among these being: more reliable, less contestable funding encouragement of greater … Read More

Water news haikus no. 8

Daniel Collins Jan 15, 2010

How could I forget Events distilled like sake Yes, haikus are back Science Disrupted monsoon A model where mountains rule Not Tibet plateau In the great north lakes Evap now trumps precip in Lake level changes New Zealand Shortfalls of water Enter garden restrictions Zero to xeri International How … Read More

Haiti earthquake

Daniel Collins Jan 14, 2010

The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that Haiti on Tuesday is estimated to have killed more than 100,000 people. With the collapse of hospitals and impoverished emergency services, fatalities will continue to mount. In disasters like this, unless you have particular expertise in disaster response, donating to the Red Cross is the best thing you can do. Either NZ Red Cross … Read More

Water trend spotting for 2010

Daniel Collins Jan 12, 2010

World marketing communications brand, JMT, released a ‘100 Things to Watch in 2010’ list at the end of last year. Not hydrological trends but cultural, and geared towards affluent and Western nations. Water made an appearance in seven of them, explicitly or implicitly: Water Footprint Tracking 2009 wasn’t a bad year for this, but 2010 will … Read More

Nor-westers and apricot brandy

Daniel Collins Jan 09, 2010

I just returned from an important excursion north to Woodend this morning. I was running out of apricot brandy, a crucial ingredient for periodistas. Apparently the Kiwi palate hasn’t acquired a taste, so liquor stores don’t stock it, let alone know it exists. The Prenzel store had one last bottle. And as I drove there and back, I crossed the … Read More

NZ beaches: Contaminated as

Daniel Collins Jan 08, 2010

“Due to water pollution the public are warned against swimming, fishing and taking shellfish in this vicinity.” So say health warnings on many of our beaches. Almost a third of our beaches, lakes and rivers were deemed unsafe by MfE during the 08-09 summer, according to a Consumer NZ report covered by NZ Herald. I’d tell you more if … Read More

Christchurch art exhibit on local water fight

Daniel Collins Dec 11, 2009

Short notice, I know, but tomorrow is the last day of the Rivertalk exhibition at the COCA. “Sponsored by The Malvern Hills Protection Society and Alpine Jets the artists journeyed the Waimakariri River seeking inspiration for this exhibition The artists celebrate through their art this magnificent braided river threatened by the proposed Central Plains Water Scheme. Accompanying this exhibition … Read More