Digging the Dirt

I’m A Celebrity, Make Me An Archaeologist!

Brigid Gallagher Sep 18, 2011

As if the archaeological world were not excited enough by the news this year that Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) and Megan Fox (actress from the Transformers Movies) are thinking about a move into archaeology… Now the English Rugby Captain, Lewis Moody, here for the World Cup, is expounding his interest in the subject.  In the headline for his … Read More

The Ups and Downs of Keyhole Archaeology

Brigid Gallagher Sep 09, 2011

Wouldn’t it be great if every project, every experiment and every meeting we had was fantastic, ground breaking, memorable, MONUMENTAL. The reality… this is not reality! For every fantastic, great, ground breaking (no pun intended), memorable, monumental, incredible, earth shattering (no pun intended again) archaeological site in the world…there is probably 10 if not 100 small, ordinary, even boring and … Read More

Monitoring and Recording Archaeology in Canterbury…Again

Brigid Gallagher Jun 22, 2011

Christchurch heritage has once more been in the headlines over the last week or so.   The collapse and slide of the Lyttleton Timeball Station, more damage in the central area, and huge areas of liquefaction in the past week are all big news for archaeology and heritage.  Whilst I want the best for the residents of Christchurch and the surrounding area, I … Read More

New Zealand Archaeologists at the ‘Coal Face’

Brigid Gallagher Jun 14, 2011

Last week the New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA) Conference was held in Havelock North. A great venue to get a picture of some of the projects and relationships archaeologists are involved in; it demonstrated that archaeology and heritage are alive and kicking here in Aotearoa. It was really good to listen to, discuss and witness themes and initiatives keeping archaeology … Read More

Virtual Archaeology with Time Team is going Live Now – Medieval Chapel

Brigid Gallagher Jun 02, 2011

Last night I had an email from Time Teams location manager Kerry Ely.  Originally he was the archaeological site supervisor and  great man to have around on a dig.   He said that he was in the pub in true Time Team fashion.  You can only imagine what a group of archaeologists, a television crew and a production team get up to in small … Read More

Space Archaeology and the Discovery of Buried Egypt

Brigid Gallagher May 28, 2011

Once upon a time archaeology was about being out with a map, a compass, a trowel and a good pair of boots.  Now its ‘Move over Indy’… Space Archaeology is here…the final frontier.  News reports this week here and here  described how images of lost, undiscovered or misunderstood archaeological sites using NASA satellites, 435 miles above earth, are changing … Read More

Big Dig Archaeology

Brigid Gallagher May 15, 2011

One of my pet subjects is public or community archaeology. Not surprising given my years with Time Team, so… This week is National Archaeology week in Australia! Ok, so it is not New Zealand, but the event that has taken my eye, and is happening this weekend, right now….it is the BIG DIG. Located in Sydney’s The Rock’s district, in … Read More

Working with Stone, Connecting with the Past

Brigid Gallagher May 05, 2011

I love rocks.  The different planes of fracture, colours, inclusions, textures, strength…and sometimes fragility…optical properties, the way they feel in your hands…. What I also love about rocks is that they can be made into the most fantastic  stone tools, or as Simon Holdaway insists in his recent interview with Graeme Hill, artefacts.  One of the beauties of … Read More

Stone Tool Artefacts & Simon Holdaway on Graeme Hill Show, May 1

Brigid Gallagher May 01, 2011

I just wanted to get this out there before Graeme Hills Radio Live  show tomorrow/today, May 1.  At 11.30 am Graeme is going to be speaking with Professor Holdaway of Auckland Universities Anthropology Dept.  They will be talking stone tools, and the segment is titled ‘Rare and Ancient Trades’. I don’t know where the conversation is going to lead, … Read More