Field Work

Antarctic voyage: Student experience

Guest Author Mar 12, 2013

Written by Antoine Martin (PhD student from LOCEAN) Date: 11/03/2013 Location: 46.21046°S, 170.330154°E Weather: Cloudy Sea State: Calm, 1 m swell I am a first year PhD student in the LOCEAN (French oceanographic laboratory). I have been part of the RV Tangaroa Mertz Polynya Voyage 2013 science team because my research topic is oceanic circulation on … Read More

Antarctic voyage: Q and A

Guest Author Mar 11, 2013

Date: 10/03/2013 Location: 49.181135°S, 166.812487°E Weather: Rain and up to 40 knots Sea state: 3 to 4 m swell The last few days of the voyage, and some final questions answered! Firstly, from Greytown School years 4 and 5. What clothing and special gear do you need to wear when you are on deck on the … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: Ocean Acidification

Guest Author Mar 06, 2013

Written by Elizabeth Shadwick (ACE CRC) Date:5/3/2013 Location: 62.803893°S, 147.03681°E Weather: Cloudy, 25-30 knots Sea state: 3-4 m swell Pink Errina fissurata attached to pebbles on the Ross Sea slope, Antarctica at 470 m depth. Other invertebrates visible in the image are a variety of sponges and the white spiky brittle star Ophiacantha pentactis. [ … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: The CTD

Guest Author Mar 05, 2013

Written by NIWA oceanographer and voyage leader Dr Mike Williams. Date: 4/03/2013 Location: 63.394131°S, 149.553421°E Weather: Cloudy, snow and rain, 25 knots of wind Sea state: 3-4 m swell CTD about to be deployed. [Jill Scott]With 10 days left of the voyage we are now heading north, starting to make our way back to Wellington. As … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: On the shelf at last!

Guest Author Mar 01, 2013

Date: 28/2/2013 Location: 66.170212°S, 147.947581°E Weather: Cloudy with the odd sunny spell, a light breeze and very cold Sea state: Calm and icy Sea ice image from 26th February 2013. [NASA MODIS satellite]Sunny, clear days definitely make this region look less formidable and give it a magical glow. They also provide us with good sea … Read More

Antarctic voyage: Mud, mud, glorious mud

Guest Author Feb 28, 2013

Date: 27/2/2013 Location: 66.5914˚S, 148.064901˚E Weather: 10 knots and clear Sea state: Calm …Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. Especially when the air temperature is below freezing. Multibeam data for canyons. [Helen Bostock; data supplied by Alix Post,Geoscience Australia]We have successfully collected a couple of cores from the Antarctic slope in between some … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: The biological pump – the importance of microscopic phytoplankton

Guest Author Feb 27, 2013

Writtenby  Helen Bostock (Marine Geologist, NIWA) and Elizabeth Shadwick (ACE CRC) Date: 26/2/2013 Location: 65.111248°S, 146.056312°E Weather: Sunny, less than 20 knots Simplified Antarctic food web. [Courtney Derriman]Sea state: 1-3 m swell Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that live at the surface of the ocean. There are billions of them in ocean surface waters, which are then grazed … Read More