Suffrage 125

Walking together – Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 21, 2018

Dr Priscilla Wehi For this series of blogs, I began thinking about those who support, nurture and inspire us as scientists. The late Hana Harawira remains an inspiration to me, and hence this blog is about her, written together with her whanau. E Hana, taku hoa pūmau, he mea paku māhau. Unconventional … Read More

Two Nobels for your vote – Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 21, 2018

Dr Susan Rapley For all people who experience misogyny, and like Madame Curie, reject society’s notions of how we “ought” to be. Why Marie Curie? She’s old news. The one lady scientist everyone can name without hesitation. But, in considering the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Aotearoa, she is an obvious contemporary. Read More

The books we’ve shared – Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 20, 2018

Kate Hannah I can’t remember the last book I talked about with my grandmother. She borrowed my copy of Nicky Hagar’s Dirty Politics after the 2014 election, devastated at the results. She’d always taken an active interest in politics, having studied political science at Victoria, completing in 1943 and … Read More

To all Women in Science, thank you for kicking science’s arse! – Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 19, 2018

Dr Melanie Cheung I’ve been reflecting on the powerful articles celebrating women that I have read this week. Today is the 125th anniversary of women getting the vote in Aotearoa, and it feels like we have come a long way since then.  Dr Melanie Cheung, supplied. Any women working in a male-dominated field also realise that we still have … Read More

A woman’s touch: Where are the evolutionary studies of female animals? – Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 19, 2018

Dr Leilani Walker Back in 2015 I attended a talk by Lloyd Spencer Davis who was promoting his new book Professor Penguin: Discovery and Adventure With Penguins. One of the stories he told was that of biologist George Murray Levick, medical officer on Captain Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole in 1910. As a consequence … Read More