The Sciblogs Podcast

Episode 31: It won’t hurt a bit!

Aimee Whitcroft Jun 01, 2012

On the Sciblogs podcast this week we look at the debate heating up on folic acid and whether we should make it mandatory for bakers to put it in bread, to help prevent babies developing neural tube defects. We talk to the scientists about the latest science on folate and fortification as the Government seeks feedback from the public … Read More

Episode 30: Does this science compute?

Aimee Whitcroft May 25, 2012

This week on the Sciblogs podcast, we talk to the head of the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure about the opportunities for New Zealand researchers to tap into our supercomputing power. We check in with the team running the Southern Cross Cable which carries most of our international internet traffic. And we hear from researchers looking at … Read More

Episode 29: Getting a grip!

Aimee Whitcroft May 18, 2012

We are getting to grips with nature on the Sciblogs podcast this week as we gain an insight into Japan’s tsunami recovery efforts, manipulate plastic to create tiny solar cells and use brain implants to control a robotic arm – and grip a cup of coffee! Don’t forget to “like” Sciblogs on Facebook and follow us on … Read More

Episode 28: the not-so-good oil

Peter Griffin May 11, 2012

The latest episode of the Sciblogs Podcast is out now, presented by Peter Griffin and produced by John Kerr. On the Sciblogs Podcast this week we hear from Professor Chris Battershill on the environmental impact of the Rena oil spill, we check out an award winning documentary on Ecuador’s proposal to save its pristine rainforest … Read More

Episode 26 – the future is up for grabs

Peter Griffin Apr 27, 2012

What a show for the re-launched Sciblogs podcast! Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak I talk to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the creator of the Apple I and the engineering genius to Steve Jobs’ design brilliance. We catch up with futurist Mark Stevenson who was in Wellington recently as a “brain for hire”. And I ask Sciblogger, Professor Shaun … Read More

TOSP Episode 25: March 19th 2012

Aimee Whitcroft Mar 20, 2012

This is a very special, and slightly sad, edition of TOSP. In this episode, Elf and aimee bid farewell as hosts of TOSP. However, do not fear!  We’re passing it into the capable hands of Sciblogs Editor Peter Griffin, who will take it forward proudly from here. We wanted to … Read More

TOSP Episode 24: March 12th 2012

Aimee Whitcroft Mar 15, 2012

Greetings again, fine TOSPers! Apologies for the delay – a host of computer and time-related issues have delayed us a little. But here we are! This week, Elf and aimee talk many things atom/molecule-related, and some other pretty cool stuff, too 🙂 Specifically, we look at anti-atoms and the new science of … Read More